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Take back your digital life with the operating system designed to give you privacy and security.

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How it works


Mail in

You mail in your

compatible device.



We install GrapheneOS on your device.


Mail out

We mail your device back to you.


Live freely

You enjoy your new digital freedom.



We donate to the GrapheneOS nonprofit.

Choose your installation

GrapheneOS installation

(OEM Android ➡️ GrapheneOS)



Installs GrapheneOS on any compatible device. Completely reversible.

OEM Android installation

(GrapheneOS ➡️ OEM Android)



Installs stock Android on any compatible device. Revert from GrapheneOS.


Which devices are supported?

We support all devices that GrapheneOS does. Please see the list of all devices here.

Will I lose all my data after installing GrapheneOS?

Yes, you'll lose all of your data after the GrapheneOS installation.

Can I restore my data from a stock Android backup after installing GrapheneOS?

You can't restore a GrapheneOS backup to your new device unless you're restoring from a previous GrapheneOS device. GrapheneOS and the stock Android that your phone came with are different, so system backups are incompatible with each other. We advise you create a manual backup of all the files you want to keep so that you can easily access them from your newly-created GrapheneOS device.

Do you have access to all my files?

No. We ask that you update and restore your device to factory settings before mailing it in to us. Failure to do so may postpone or void your GrapheneOS installation.

Does my phone need to be carrier-unlocked?

Yes. Your phone needs to be carrier-unlocked. It's not possible to install GrapheneOS on a carrier-locked phone. Consult your carrier to unlock your phone if it isn't already.

Do you support installing other operating systems?

At the moment, we only support GrapheneOS. However, if there's enough interest, we can certainly add other operating systems in the future. Reach out and let us know.

Can I revert to stock Android after installing GrapheneOS?

Yes, you can. Check out our Stock Android Installation service.

Are you affiliated with GrapheneOS?

No, we are not affiliated with GrapheneOS.

I want to use SwapMyOS for a friend or family member. Can I do that?

Yes, you can use SwapMyOS for yourself or anyone else. Just be sure to double check the address and contact information when placing an order.

Is it true you fund GrapheneOS?

Yes. SwapMyOS was primarily created as a way to fund GrapheneOS. GrapheneOS is a nonprofit funded by donations, so SwapMyOS gives a portion of its revenue to GrapheneOS as a way to continue funding development and new features.

What if I have more questions?

Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Hey, I'm Hiram. 👋

I'm the founder of SwapMyOS. You're here because you're privacy- and security-focused. I am too. Good business requires trust, which is why—rather than being a faceless website—I'm completely transparent with you in who I am, why I started SwapMyOS, and why there should be no doubt in trusting SwapMyOS.

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How do I know I can trust SwapMyOS?

First: I applaud your skepticism. As a staunch privacy and security advocate, I know how difficult it is to trust online services. (This may be a big reason why you're looking to use GrapheneOS in the first place.)

Second: Trust is everything. SwapMyOS is completely built on trust and can't function without it. I don't serve ads or take any sort of funding that would compromise the interests of SwapMyOS and you. Our interests are mutual and remain completely aligned.

Third: Reputation is everything. I would never do anything to risk that. It's never worth it.

Why did you start SwapMyOS?

SwapMyOS is the service I wish existed when I first discovered GrapheneOS. Even though I understood the process of installing GrapheneOS, I would have preferred to have used a professional service to make sure everything went smoothly.

Aside from my personal need, I noticed community interest in having a service that would install GrapheneOS on their devices—not just for themselves, but for friends and family.

Not wanting to get in trouble with GrapheneOS, I reached out to the team directly and asked if it'd be possible to start a GrapheneOS installation service. They said yes.

And so, the idea for SwapMyOS was born.

I was going to be able to provide a market need, as well as continue funding the development of GrapheneOS.

I found a GrapheneOS installation guide/video. Why should I use SwapMyOS?

If you're comfortable enough to install GrapheneOS yourself, more power to you. It's not a super complicated process.

However, things can go wrong in a few different ways. I've installed GrapheneOS many times, and there were some instances where something broke, the installation stalled, or the phone got stuck somewhere along the way—not necessarily because of GrapheneOS itself, but because there are a handful of moving parts when it comes to installing GrapheneOS.

So if you'd rather not take a chance, and want a frictionless GrapheneOS installation, SwapMyOS is here to help.

— Hiram, a.k.a. @HiramFromTheChi